Aletis offers solutions based on open source software and the Ninox platform.


Ninox is a graphical cloud database that is very user-friendly and easy to configure. It allows even the smallest company to develop its own application in a few hours. You no longer have to adapt your processes to the software you are going to use. The software adapts to your processes.

In collaboration with Aletis, you can create exceptional applications for truly incredible solutions.

Instant synchronisation of data in the cloud allows you to access it anytime from anywhere with common modern tools such as the SmartPhone, tablet or a web browser.


Open source software

To remain competitive, companies must limit their costs. Open source software has become an alternative to proprietary software. The fact that GAFAMs use open source software and participate in its development shows that open source is a reliable and future-proof solution.

For many everyday problems, there is an open source solution. The difficulty lies in finding the application and implementation within the company. Our experience and our technology watch provide you with the necessary support.